Bag - Halki Mini - Brown - Souvenir İstanbul

Price : $70.97(Vat included)

Souvenir Istanbul's "Halki Mini" bag made of natural bamboo beads is a candidate to accompany you every day with its useful design. Its knitted form will easily carry all your essential items such as phone, wallet and keychain.

Founded by Aleyna Takmaz, Souvenir Istanbul's unique handcrafted "Halki Mini" bag will add elegance to every day with the elegant touch of natural bamboo beads. Its carefully woven structure is ideal for carrying the essential items you need in your daily life. Standing out with its practical design for both city life and travel, the 13x20 cm "Halki Mini" will gather all your daily belongings in one place and will be your timeless bag with its color and texture. Due to the structure and production of this eye-catching accessory, delicate handling is recommended.
Maintenance Note
Nemli bezle siliniz
Size Information
13 x 20 cm
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